Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Creationist" Britain

"The real problem for public understanding, as anyone knows who has done any science writing, are the millions of people whose position is that they don't know, don't care, and don't want to do either."

Andrew Brown, writing in The Guardian (full article here) about how he suspects Britiain's 25% populace of "Creationists" aren't such due to religious conviction, but more due to a lack of giving a damn! "6,000 years, 6 million, 6 billion, it's all the same to me, is Corrie on yet? We've missed X Factor!!" No, I think you missed a chromosome actually.



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  2. How bloody true that is. "Does it affect me personally? No? Sod it then! Why should *I* give a damn?!"

    So long as their Sky Box functions, their porn is downloadable and their lager is cold, they simply don't care! Not interested in the hows or whys, just so long as it does.

    "Don't bother yourself with that shady, tricky science rubbish, what *you* think about this person's singing/dancing/testicle eating skills *really* matters... so long as you pay us first. Immerse yourself in the telly and forget about the real world."

  3. Such a shame we live in a selfish society, in general at least. I still think that if it were possible to have more faith in human nature, there would be no/little need for religion!

    Depressed? Two choices; antidepressants or god?