Thursday, 7 January 2010

An Unreasonable and Intolerant Church

I was appalled reading an article in The Times telling of Lord Carey's call for a "reasonable limit" on migration to the UK.

He goes on to explain that allowing too many migrants plays into the hands of the British Nationalist Party. But surely stopping entry does that in itself??
He says;

"If we don't do something about this, we play immediately into the hands of the BNP. That is very clear indeed. They are working and exploiting frustration, a sense of alienation on the part of white working class people who are saying 'our jobs are being taken by people from abroad'."

Hmmm, and the church would never exploit someone's frustration or alienation in order to gain a follower? I smell hypocrisy.

He also states;

"They have got to understand our commitment to the English language and espouse it, and they must understand our history..."

Oh really? Would Jesus have turned away somebody who did not speak his language when in need of shelter? Is this the religion you are so proud of?

Carey is part of a parliamentary group calling for these limits. The group states its concerns around the detrimental effect to quality of life in Britain that an increased population would have. Obviously it is something to be monitored, however, lets turn the tables for a moment, shall we? Say there is a major catastrophe from which a major percentage of the British public must flee. Would we not all hope that other countries would be willing to accept us? Should we not be free to migrate as circumstances require, without countries being self-protecting?

If the Church is willing to turn their backs on people who, a large percentage of which at least, have a genuine need to come into the UK, then how can it maintain its elevated ethical position? I think this is an extremely poor show and goes only to prove that goodness and morality are NOT borne purely of faith.

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